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Q: Do you have an actual store location where I can go to buy my products?

A: We do have a shop where all the work is performed, but not a store to drop in and purchase.  As of now all orders are custom embroidered per order.  We will contact you as soon as your order is ready for either pickup or to be shipped out.


Q: How long will my order take to deliver from the time I order it?)

A: We strive to complete each order as quickly and efficiently as possible, because each order is custom to each customer it takes more time than just purchasing blank items.  We try to get everything out within 7 BUSINESS days (doesnt include weekends) but during Peak seasons (Summer just before school) and (Fall just before winter) it may take up to 12-15 BUSINESS days (doesnt include weekends) to custom make the orders.


Q: How do your prices compare with other places such as Wal-mart, Target or other big stores that sell the same kind of product?

A: We try to be as competitive to the big stores as we can because we know you can just go to the store and buy blank apparel in most cases.  If you compare the quality of apparel your getting at the stores to ours you will see that ours are finer made products in most cases AND you have the Embroidered logos whereas the big stores will not have.  If you were to try and get the logo embroidered elsewhere there would be setups and minimum quantities you would have to abide by as well (higher cost).


Q: Can I pick up my order at my school or is it better to have them delivered?

A: No, please have the order shipped or pick it up in person at our location.


Q: Do you have any coupons available or Discounts?

A: At this time we do not.


Q:  How do I peel and stick my decal(s) once I have received it/them?

A: If it is a taped decal peel the tape from the backing paper, The decal should be stuck to the tape instead of the paper, if not lay back down and rub the surface to allow the decal to reattach.  Once peeled back you can either apply it (the decal) to your surface or spray the adhesive side with a little water to help apply it.  (using water allows for a little more playtime of the decal when you apply it without it sticking right away)  Once applied to surface rub it with hand or credit card for a tight bond and then slowly peel the tape portion off the top of the decal itself at a 45 degree angle....if the decal starts coming up with it lay tape back down over decal and rub in a little more, even let sit for a minute then try again.....once tape is removed your decal should stay on the surface.


Q: How long will my window decal last on my car?

A: Depends on care and location.  The vinyl is already UV protected as well as the ink and should last for at least 2-5 years before noticeable cracking etc appear (unless treated or laminated).  Car washes, driving conditions, weather, etc all play a part in the life of the decal.  Nothing lasts forever, but you should be happy with it for at least a couple years.



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